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Super-long constant current LED strip is drived Only need one side power supply. The current through each LED is constant to keep same brightness from the beginning to the end of the strips. A power supply can drive such LED strips in continuous length of 15m. These strips support PWM dimminG.

15M RGB constant current 60leds/m led strip

Các thông số kỹ thuật
Product Name : 15M RGB constant current 60leds/m led strip
Model No : SK-ST5Q60Vz-c
Led Type : SMD5050
Led Quantity : 60Leds/M
Color : RGB
Wavelength(nm) : R(620-630nm)/G(520-530nm)/B(465-475nm)
Lumen/Meter : 362lm/Meter
Actual Power(w/m) : 11.3W/Meter
Max Length : 15Meters
PCB Width : 12mm
Voltage : DC24V
Cuttable size : 100mm/24V
IP Grade : IP65/IP67
Beam Angle : 120°
Ambient Temperature : -25℃ ~ +45℃
Warranty : 5-year or 30000hr whichever comes first
Length : 15Meter/Roll